Combine Harvesting Services

Hemp Harvesting Combine Services, onsite for Colorado Hemp Farmers

Base price $250.00
Sales price $250.00
Price / kg:

Are you looking for hemp harvesting and processing options? help connect or provides 3rd party services for harvesting needs such as Combine Harvesting Services. Starting at $300 per acre.

Harvest is right around the corner and if you have don't have access to a Combine Harvester but need to get over 1 acer down, please call/text or email GHC today to discuss cost, schedule and other possible needs or requirements to consider. , n addition to Combine Services, GHC also offer Hemp Pressed Seed Oil Services, Extraction services, Consulting & Marketing services and much more to help assist farmers, product producers and services providers. 

Don't wait till the last min to discuss and schedule. Limited times and dates available.

Phone/Tex: 720.401.5609

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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