Whole Plant Extraction Services

Pricing: $65 per lb (1-15 lbs) + 5%, $50 (16-100 lbs) + 5%, $40 (100-250+ lbs) + 5%

Base price $65.00
Sales price $65.00
Price / kg:

Screenshot 20160805 200620Hemp Extraction Services


$65 per lb (1-15 lbs) + 5%

$50 (16-100 lbs) + 5%

$40 (100-250+ lbs) + 5%

More Info: ½ down and half on pick up. Not based on output. Flat run rate. 5% of processed materials are retained by extractor. Completion times varies. Full/whole plant extraction with alcohol. Bulk processed material will be consumable and corresponding test is provided for an additional $65 fee (required). Materials will be processed in the same state they are brought, we don’t provided further break down so please bring ready to process. Break down services are possible at an additional fee.

Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 720.401.5609 for more info or to be added onto the schedule.

Please note that output can range based on quality and type of materials used.

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