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Colorado Star, the first legal Colorado seed to be sold.

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Colorado Star is the first seed that was sold legally in Colorado. Colorado Star in not a registered or certified seed as there in NO registered or certified seed in Colorado or the USA currently.

Colorado Star is a mixed of 8+  different varieties which have tested below 0.3 THC by the CDA in 2015 on a 10 acre plot, which was the largest state test plot in 2015 with Colorado Star.

Some varieties in the mix of Colorado Star as become a foundational seed for a number of farmers and different cross breeds such as Colorado Gold for example.

Colorado Star has shown to be stable as a mix when grown together and harvest without being corssed with another seed variety.

This mix has a ton of potential for fiber, hemp seed oil, genetics, other cannabionids such as THCV and CBDV and more.

Please note: There are many contributing factors in "higher" levels of THC, such as sun, indoor lighting, soil conditions and other. Colorado Star varieties can be dominate in CBD, CBD-V and THC-V. Testing, documentation and identification of the various options in Colorado Star is important depending on what you are trying to accomplish with Hemp.

A new product is available in Colorado which has been shown to lower the THC-A. This is a "live" product which is added to the soil and trials have shown up to 50% reduction in THC-A. Please contact us for more information or to order start using right away.

Colorado Star is a variety mix. With at least 8+ varieties in the mix it has always been grown and harvested as mix. In 2015, 10 acres of Colorado Star passed the CDA test well below .3 thc. This is not good option for those looking for only CBD. Great for seed, oil, food, stalk, fiber and more.

This is an open source seed in the state of Colorado only, with the only conditions being that end users agree automatically upon purchase and use that they will not change name, no protection or certification of mix or any single variety within the mix at anytime with out written permission.

PLEASE READ: Viable hemp seed will not be shipped. offers an outlet for local farmers, hemp product producers and other selected 3rd party hemp businesses to sell, market, educate and create awareness for their hemp products, specifically USA grown and or produced. There are no refunds, no exchanges and no returns. is not responsible for 3rd party products, guarantees or other.

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